Financial Theory

It’s going to be a delight journey to start your financial learning from basic but valuable financial concepts, especially in this changing time.

But if you have any doubt before start another learning process, ask yourself few questions:

  • “What is in it for me?”
  • “How long the benefits will last for me and my dear family?”
  • “How efficiently I could learn it?”

Dare to compare other career training, Financial Education has many unique benefits and Chelsea98’s Financial education has few outstanding advantages in order to bring invisible investment opportunities in the biggest market visible to you!

Financial Education Benefits

  • The greatest, the biggest global digital financial market
  • The largest amount of money, in the markets of Stock, Option, Currency, Commodity, Future, etc
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally and yearly investment opportunities
  • Leverage, an excellent way for any Investment if you know “how to use”!
  • Multiple tools and strategies for either hedging or arbitrage
  • Diversified financial products covering all industries
  • Anywhere, anytime, 24/7, part-time or full-time, only when you like to do
  • Lifelong benefits to you, your dear family and your business too

Chelsea98’s advantages

  • Result-oriented seminars & Video or Live trading courses, all from 10+year experienced successful traders and supported by AI technology"
  • Real Investment Opportunities measured by our analysts from daily market;
  • Interactive Dragon Den Club, shared your passion, Master’s advices, and any trading ideas every day to club members
  • Accelerate learning procedure for people to learn easily
  • Q&A, testimonials from our students about their learning experiences for new students
  • Award, scholarship & financial aids to the excellent student or students in need
  • And we offer other related financial services too, such as Set Up an Investment Account, Transfer Fund, Financial Job searching, and so on.


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