Health / Food & Drug

From World Health Organization’s latest report, in Every Minutes, there are

  • 34 people die because of Cardiovascular Diseases;
  • 17people die because of Ischemic Heart Disease;
  • 11.6 people die because of Strokes;
  • 8.7 people die because of Cancers;
  • Only 0.2% people die naturally (without any sickness).   

Inside each of our bodies, there are billions of good or bad bacterial and hormones, also toxins from inside and outside everyday. How to clean and nutrition the organs inside to keep them health is the Way to have a quality life - beyond age and disease free.
In the Health/Food & Drug Section, there are Personal Health programs, Certified Programs for people working in Food & Drug related companies, and MAT Training. For anyone who is Sub-healthy, Sick, Pregnant, People who are applying a job in the Food & Drug industry, or Person who plan to promotion, we have you covered here. 


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