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Make more people happy is our goal of Chelsea98 Education group, which revolves “FAH“- 3 core quotients,namely FQ (Finance Quotient), Adversity Quotient (Adversity Quotient), and Health Quotient HQ (Health Quotient).

While we believe that teaching is never the purpose of educating people, the essence of education to empower students to effectively use what they have learned to benefit themselves in the daily life.
We start with establishing integrity, with a slogan "Authentic, Clarity and Efficiency", which are also our requirements for all our lecturers and team members.

Education is not an easy business, but online education is even more complicated. We made Finance & Health easier for students to use, then benefiting from what they have learned from Chelsea98.com. So, what makes Chelsea98 Intelligent Finance Education outstanding are from 5 dimensions and levels:

  1. First of all is our excellent lecturers.
    Each of our financial lecturers are private experts. Most of them have been deeply involved in investment, such as stocks, foreign exchange and options, for more than 10 years, with an average annual return of +20%. Their mature techniques and psychological qualities allow them calmly respond to any market change.
    Most Instructors in the health field also have their own specialties, by using a combination of Chinese and Western medicine systems, health management, acupuncture and moxibustion, etc., which ranges from the three-dimensional detoxification and weight loss, to the effective treatments of the world's "top 10 killers"- cardiovascular disease and various cancer tumors. The effect is remarkable, and there are many successful cases to share as testimonials;
  2. Secondly, in terms of course content, our topics focus on the field of finance + health. In addition to relevant professional knowledge and logical theories, we supplement by practical applications and remote assessments to strengthen students' execution ability, making sure what they have learned integrated into their daily life
  3. The prices of our personalized high-quality financial & health courses are half of the market price mostly. After several years’ preparation, we can be confident that these top courses could be promoted at half price, so more people can benefit from these practical high-quality finance & health courses remotely;
  4. Regarding marketing promotion, we take into account the SEO method which is more complicated than traditional promotion, to expand the markets in China, the United States and Canada;
  5. Finally, our operation and management. After many tests and updates, we integrated IT and data algorithms into both the education platform (currently the third edition) and courses, to make learning process concise, clear and efficient. As a return, the desired result and the extended continuity of the effect bring more joy to each customer and our team.

Beginning 2013, the name “Chelsea98” means a happy ocean, and the number “98“means that we do our best, but leave 2 points for God to evaluate. The Chinese character "慧" means that it is better to use snow to clean ourselves inside, then we could have wisdom to achieve both Wealth & Health, and "吉" in the word "周", which means that FAH education must be comprehensive to penetrate its core. Along the way, the team has been keeping improving and accumulating, but our goal has never been changed: making more people happy through Chelsea98 FAH education.


Key Team Members


Way Liu

Way Liu


Kaya Cetinsu

Project Manager
Kaya Cetinsu



Cooperation Partners

我们认为: 教从来不是育人的目的,能让学员高效地运用所学,在生活中真正获益成长,才是教育的本质。


  1. 首先,从讲师资源方面,我们合作的金融讲师,不乏民间高手,绝大多数都在股票,外汇,期权等投资细分领域深耕10年以上,年均投资回报超过20%。成熟的技法和心理素质,能从容应对市场大小变化;而健康领域讲师,也是各有特性专长,多数跨界学科运用中西医,健康管理/营养食疗,穴位针灸运动等多元结合的手法来治疗,涉及领域从立体排毒减肥,到全球“头10号杀手”-心血管疾病和各种癌症肿瘤等的治疗,效果显著,并有很多成功案例分享;
  2. 次,在课程内容上,我们专注于金融+健康领域,除了相关专业知识,逻辑理论升级,还辅以实践应用和远程考核等强化学员执行能力,使所学能更快融合到每日生活中,让自己和家人的小日子更幸福;
  3. 个性化高质金融健康网课让利推广:花好几年时间做前期准备,用资金时间和心血来深入打磨,我们才能自信这些金融和健康领域的国宝级课程以半价,在鱼龙混杂的互联网络市场推广,让更多人受益于我们物美价廉的网课;
  4. 市场宣传上,我们兼顾比传统教育宣传复杂得多的网络市场推广法,来拓展中美加3国的金融投资和健康教育市场;
  5. 最后,在运营管理上,慧周巧妙借力高新科技,历经多次测试和更新升级(目前是第3版),整合IT和数据算法到平台和投资课程里,使课程更简洁“明晰高效”,提升学习效率和效果的持续性,从而事半功倍,让顾客和慧周团队双方更多受益。





Way Liu

Way Liu


Kaya Cetinsu

Kaya Cetinsu