We believe in a sustainable partnership, where experienced instructors are rewarded for creating result-oriented content and/or updated financial chances which improves students’ financial knowledge and their investment skills effectively, so Chelsea98 is responsible for IT supports and is rewarded for driving new students from teenagers to seniors to our instructors efficiently.

1. Easy to Start:

It is free to register with Chelsea98, just following the guidance, fill the form to start your application for a Financial Instructor Account;

2. IT technical Support:

It takes years to make a solid website, while we offer marketing supports on debugs, maintenance, troubleshooting, and more to each of our instructor. If more question, just contact us.

3. Instructor Revenue Share Overview :

A summary of common revenue share scenarios is provided below. Please note these are revenue share on Net Revenue, which is defined here:

  • Instructor Promotion: 90% revenue share on sales made by instructors where the student purchases their course using an Instructor’s coupon or course referral link (3% administrative processing fee,12% charge for marketing support, Editing/Make up, Technical debug & security, etc)
  • Chelsea98 Organic: 50% revenue share on organic Chelsea98 sales where no Instructor Coupon is used. Chelsea98 and the instructor share equally on these sales, which might occur after a user browses the Chelsea98 marketplace for other finance courses or make a purchase via a Chelsea98 promotion.
  • Paid User Acquisition Channel Sales: 30% instructor revenue share in order to optimize your product sales, based on number of the students, rating, testimonials, etc. (Contact Us for details), and we partner with affiliates across our global networks or pay advertising for your online courses (you can control your inclusion via the Chelsea98 Marketing Boost program) more info here.

Depending on the partner or charges for advertising, the revenue share may vary but will be 30% - 85%, mostly +30%. Chelsea98 sets aside 70% to pay for advertising, partner payouts, IT technical support and the latest professional marketing strategies, to promote the benefits of Financial learning to more and more people for acquiring new clients.


Instructors can get all incoming sales in their Revenue Report every month. The report includes the date of purchase, student name, revenue channel attribution, total price paid and your revenue.

Additionally, exports in a .csv file are available for each month of revenue you earn, to track your sales and revenue share data (more info here).