Brief Introduction

Nowadays, we are living in a world with fewer barriers and borders. Through online services and applications, we can access almost everything, whoever, wherever and whenever we want. While personal and businesses connections are one click of distance, among the huge information, the demand for intense and valuable information are rising.

To help you take the most of it, we gathered the critical data about all 196 countries from 5 continents worldwide in this section. On any occasion, whether for academic research, traveling to a new country, investing or expanding business abroad, you are finding brief but amusing information in this section about its economy situation, leading industries and companies, even history of each single country here.

Enjoy the search, & hope you find it financially helpful

196 Countries

Please Note: The purpose of our using the images here on the website of, took from Google Images,, and Unsplash mostly, is not for profit but for general knowledge, research or review only. If any or some of these images have a copyright, or the copyright owner doesn’t like to share his/her images to visitors, please tell us, and we are taking them off immediately. Thanks and enjoy your life!